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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a form of soft tissue therapy that uses hands on manipulation of the tissues to reduce body discomforts, pain, stress and improve overall wellbeing. It can be used alone or alongside other treatment to assist in the rehab and management of injury or health conditions.  

Massage can encompass a range of technique depending on the therapists training, approach and style. Most come from a few classics which can be applied in a variety of ways for different purposes. Some therapist may incorporate other Soft Tissue Therapy techniques alongside massage, and/or assessment and rehab advice to target more specific injury or dysfunction.

Massage influences many systems of the body and this holistic effect can be greater than the sum of its parts. Outcomes could be :

-  A reduction in aches, pain & tension.  

-  Reduced stress and anxiety.

-  Improved mobility.

-  Improved mood, sense of wellbeing and sleep. 

-  Increase local blood flow/circulation and flow of Lymph (Although there is a specific

   kind of massage for lymphatic drainage that involves gentle strokes in specific areas to reduce fluid) 


Whilst used for its own sake, to remedy or mange problems, prevention and physical therapy is important.  long term problems must remedial exercise It's important to manage and address the cause of any excess stress, body discomforts or musculoskeletal problems. 

Massage Therapy Sessions 


Sessions are tailored to suit your needs following consultation.

This involves a medical intake, and chat to assess and establish what you would like to get out of the time. For new clients the initial consultation may take longer, at no extra cost. 

I mostly use a blend of classic or swedish massage, neuromuscular technique, compression and gentle mobilising of the joints. These can be modified depending on what works best for you. 


Deeper tissue pressure is applied slowly within a comfortable level. Whilst you may experience some sore or tender areas, you don't need excessively deep or painful pressure to be effective. I believe mindful contact that helps you relax and respects the nervous system is more beneficial. Surrounding tissue - relax. 


Relax, take it easy and prevent! I will do my best to support you with your health & wellbeing outside the therapy. Where needed recommend you see a GP, physiotherapist or other healthcare professional. 

Massage in pregnancy

Massage therapy can take place at any stage of pregnancy, modifications are made and positions are adapted for your comfort and support. 


Seated Massage Therapy 

(on site massage is currently unavailable) 


Performed on a massage chair, through clothes and lasting about 20 - 30 mins. 


Seated massage is a convenient and accessible way of providing a short treatment. Its particularly useful within the workplace, at events, festivals and for those who cannot lay on the couch. 

If you can provide the space I will come to you. 

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