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Massage holistic practice  - relax but also a good massage can be great even quite special & Transformative ways to relax,  restore and. body aware and lift you out of a slum - insight and care restored. Take this positive - time other areas of lives. active


any kind of therapy, psychologcial or physical therapy- activitive rather than just recieve passive in your own recover. exersise and movement, lifestyle changes, small chanages over benefits over time. 

I have an interest health & wellbeing I am limited in my advice  - help or point you in the right direction. Resources -DISCLAIMER : Concerns - referal doctor. 

After care & tips for post massage

Make the most of your massage - ideal if you can take time to let the benefits sink in. Don't stress if not, if you are working just restbite.


Music, meditate - you can bring spa like experience without the spa day - headphones, space, moment. mske do with what you have. 5 min walk - a few breaths. create space. 

How important is hydration?  people often ask me - well yes, being adeqalte hydrated is important regardless. proof that extra hydration is good. 

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