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Price & Times for St Ives therapy room

Massage Therapy Sessions   

Each massage is tailored to suit your needs on the day following consultation in which we can discuss how the time can be best spend, any problem areas or needs from massage, medical history etc.     

I offer a few different times. If you like a longer session or more time to relax I recommend booking at least 75 or 90mins.​ 

If you need any advice feel free to get in contact. 

Prices & Times  
Consultation time - For your first appointment in particular allow extra time on top of the massage times listed below at no extra cost (at least 10/15 mins)

St Ives Therapy Room   -   60 min £58   /  75 min £65   /  90min £75

Mobile Appointments   - From 90 min/ £90. Minimum booking time & price depends on location. 

Massage during Pregnancy & Postnatal


Massage therapy can take place at any stage of pregnancy and post natal when the time is right for you.


Performed mostly in a comfortable side lying and or semi-reclining position using lots of cushioning for your comfort and support. 


Relaxing and calming whilst focusing in on any problem areas or common complaints you might be experiencing. 

Mobile & events massage

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If you can provide the space I will come to you, whether its for an event, festival, hen do, work place or home visit.

A minimum booking time applies depending on your location, starting from 90mins for £90. 

This time can be just for you or split to treat two or more people. e.g 90 min of 2 x 45min massages and so on. 

Couch or Seated chair massage can be provided. 

Gift a Massage 

I may be biased but I think massage therapy makes a great gift! especially for someone in need of some TLC time for themselves. 

If you know someone who could benefit you  can gift a massage which they can redeem at a time that suits them or book them in.  

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