Price & Times for St Ives therapy room

Massage Therapy Services 

Each massage is tailored to suit your needs following consultation. I offer a few different times to choose from. You choose how the time is spent and or areas to focus on. 

For a full body or longer relaxation I recommend you book at least 75 or 90mins. If you need any advice feel free to get in contact.


Prices & Times for St Ives therapy room

45 min £45  / 60 min £50   /  75 min £58   /  90min £68  

Massage during Pregnancy


Massage therapy can take place at any stage of pregnancy. 

It's performed mostly in a comfortable side lying and or semi-reclining position using extra cushioning for your comfort and support.

There is a lot of focus on a calming massage so you can rest and relax but we can also focus in on any problem areas / common complaints. 

 60 min £50   /  75 min £58   /  90min £68  

Mobile & events massage

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If you can provide the space I will come to you, whether its for an event, festival, hen do, work place or home visit.

A minimum booking time applies depending on your location, starting from 90mins for £90. 

This time can be just for you or split to treat two or more people. e.g 90 min of 2 x 45min massage or 120min (2 x 60 min massage)

Couch or Seated chair massage can be provided.  

Get in
 contact for quotes and to discuss. 

Gift a massage

I may be biased but I think massage therapy makes a great gift! especially for someone in need of some TLC time for themselves. 

If you know someone who could benefit you  can gift a massage which they can redeem at a time that suits them.